Activities and objectives

The planned activities for our project will lead to providing the knowledge of using and not abusing technology in our everyday lives. The activities will teach and demonstrate to both students and teachers that spending less time on devices leads to learning and experiencing the outside world. We will be educating students and teachers on using technology in a more productive way and not as the only form of entertainment in our lives. The activities will provide opportunities to use critical thinking, problem-solving skills, life skills, communication skills and social skills. The activities will enhance their knowledge about different cultures, including their own, through traditional dancing (enforcing exercise), traditional games (social skills, interaction and team-work), and learning traditional arts and crafts.

Visits to important landmarks in each country will be organized in order to provide both students and teachers with a knowledge of the world around them and not the Fortnite and Minecraft world! Students will then create and make presentations of these important landmarks to enforce their communication and social skills.

Informative leaflets will be created with guidelines to help students, parents and teachers minimize the negative use of technology and enforce technology in an effective way. We will provide teachers and students with educational and informative applications that can be used to enforce educational knowledge using technological devices in a positive and creative way.

A questionnaire will be designed for statistical analysis in order to get a general idea of the use of technology in our lives. This statistical analysis will be carried out at the beginning of the project and towards the end, in the hope of seeing the benefits and results of our project.

Volunteer work and environmental work will be part of the activities which will teach students about the need to help and improve our environment for the future. This will also provide the opportunity to gain life skills, communication and social skills.

Thus, in conclusion our goal is not to put an end to the use of technology but to encourage students to make correct choices in their everyday lives. Technology, like everything in our life, if abused and used incorrectly, can lead to a negative impact on our social and intellectual skills. Using technology in a more mindful way can help students develop a more balanced and healthy awareness of the world around them. Furthermore, it can help them take on any challenges that life will throw at them down the road.

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